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Rent Token

The Rent Token team is excited to announce our upcoming ICO and token for release on September second.Rent Token ICO  Rent Token will be the first token backed by real estate rental properties and featuring a long term buyback and burn program to insure stability of the token and to create a deflationary style token using the income from rent tokens app and rental properties.
Please reserve this thread for questions and comments about the Rent Token and smartcontracts.

What makes Rent Token Unique?

*Over 40% of all tokens will be locked in 5 and 10 year smart contracts
*Full rental ecosystem for landlords, tenants and contractors

*Full rental listing services and review system

*Instant on app exchange of Rent Token

*Easy Rental payment Tracking for both Tenants and Landlords

*A buyback and burn program to insure Rent Token will remain a deflationary style token and provide a baseline for trading

*99.75 of ICO funds will be used to purchase rental properties for the buyback and burn program and to support Rent Token as a whole

Our team
John Zinno  Head Real estate Advisor CEO of Zinnoff Enterprises https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-zinno-b28b6370

John Zinno is the President of DeliverThat a large catering and delivery company in ohio that has delivered and catered over $900,000 in food this year alone.John graduated from the University of Ohio in 2016 with a Bachelors in Real Estate and Entrepreneurship Principles.John has worked with various communities to Ethereum and promoted the investment of nearly $100,000 into the Ethereum Ecosystem in early 2017. John using his Position in DeliverThat promoted the joining of the company into the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance part way through this year.

Aaron Hoffman Real Estate/Finance and business planning Advisor President of DeliverTHAT/CaterTHAT https://www.linkedin.com/in/aaron-hoffman-825911b0

Aaron Hoffman is an experienced business owner and CEO of Zinoff Enterprises with 5 plus years working in the logistics & supply chain industry. He is a strong entrepreneurial professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in finance from Ohio University. Aaron has been involved with Ethereum and blockchain technology for 2 years now. His company, Zinoff Enterprises , is one of the original members of the EEA. Aaron is excited and recognizes the Rent-Token as a "home run idea that solves numerous problems that pertain to the real estate & rental industry".
Matthew McAlister Lead Developer and Division ASM Board Rep

Matthew McAlister is the lead developer and relations coordinator between the Rent Token team and Division Asset Management LLC  with education in computer science with a focus in system administration. Matthew has been developing web and gaming servers for 7 years and helped develop a multitude of gaming community’s such as the facilitating growth in games such as Unturned, Garry’s Mod, Arma 2 & 3.Matthew also has extensive experience in web development in SEO with nearly 5 years of experience in domain valuation in appraisal and sales facilitation.

Ethan Sam Public relations coordinator

Ethan Sam is the public relations coordinator and communications director for the rent token team.He is currently receiving an education in communications and public relations and will be finishing his degree in Spring of 2018.Ethan only recently adopting cryptocurrencies in early 2017 provides both a unique outside perspective and the ability to promote adoption among college students.

Division of the token supply

30% will be sold in token sale
10% will be used for market outreach
10% will be locked in a 5-year contract.
0.4% will be locked in a 1-year contract.
0.2% will be locked in a 6-month contract.
34.4% will be locked in a 10-year contract.
1% will be set aside for hiring incentives.
10% will be used in initial property accusation.
4% will be held for bounties.

Features of the Rent Token Rental app
*Full Rental listings program for Landlords and Tenants
*Rent Token’s app will allow easy listings showing listings accepting Rent Token.
*Rent Token’s app will also offer promoted listings where landlords can promote their listings.
*All of these listings will be required to offer our smart contract program for deposits.
*Instant Messaging and Maintenance support Ticket system
*Rent Token’s app offer easy instant messaging between tenants and landlords and an innovative tenant issue system that instantly send a notice to your landlord.
*Landlords can send their contractors instantly with one tap of a button on the app of the address with an ongoing issue to quickly resolve it.
*Easy pre-lease walk notes
*Rent Token’s app also allows easy in app notes to be made about the condition of the rental property before the lease. This includes the ability to upload pictures to be saved for potential deposit arbitration at the end of your lease.
*Instant on app exchange of Rent Token
*Rent Token’s app will also allow instant exchange from a bank account in USD,CNY or EUR instantly into Rent Token to allow for easy use and liquidity.
*Easy Rental payment Tracking for both Tenants and Landlords.
*You can easily track your monthly payments and show all of your previous payments on the blockchain.

Romanian translation: cattani30
Hindi translation: ankit10
Russian translation: Available
Chinese translation: Available
Spanish translation: Available
French translation: Available
5,000 RENT Token bounty for each translation

Bounty Program is now Live! Tokens will be distributed post-ICO

Bounty program rewards groups
Twitter Campaign 

Tier 1 : Having 250+ followers : 1,000 RENT/week
Tier 2 : Having 750+ followers : 2,000 RENT/week
Tier 3 : Having 1500+ followers : 5,000 RENT/week
Tier 4: Having 5.000+ followers: 10,000 RENT/week
Tier 5: Having 10.000+ followers: 15,000 stakes/week
Extra Tier: Having 25.000+ followers: 25,000 RENT/week

How to Apply:

1. First of all follow us here: Our Twitter
2. Make at least 3 retweets/tweets a week related or talking about Rent Token.
3. Register with the form: Form


1. Must be Jr. Member or higher ranked user in Bitcointalk.
2. Twitter audit must be equal to or better than 85%.
3. Must make at least 3 tweets or retweets about Rent Token per week until 10/4/2017.
4. Don't post everything in 1 day, you are supposed to make the tweets constructive and not simply spam.
5. There will be no changing of payment addresses, so be sure it is correct.

Facebook Campaign 


Tier 1: Having 500+ friends: 500 RENT
Tier 2: Having 2000+ friends: 2000 RENT
Tier 3: Having 5000+ friends: 5500 RENT
Tier 4: Having 10,000+ friends/followers: 10000 RENT
Extra Tier: 25,000+ friends/followers:  20000 RENT

How to Apply:

1. First of all Like our Facebook Page here: Our Facebook
2. Make a post about the Rent Token Sale and include 2 Links, one of the Website and one of the Bitcointalk Thread
3. Fill this Form: Register Here


1. You must have a minimum of 500 friends.
2. Your Facebook account must not be fake, inactive or a bot account. Only original Facebook accounts will be accepted.
3. You must be an active and regular Facebook user, and must be sharing and liking Rent Token official posts and updates.
4. Account must be open as a Public Profile and all Posts shared need to be public as well.
5. Multiple accounts are not allowed. Those found using such multi accounts will be disqualified and blacklisted from any and all future campaigns.
6. Terms and Conditions are subject to change if necessary.

Social Media and blog Campaign 

*For this particular campaign, Articles being published in English,Chinese, Russian, Korean and Japanese and Spanish on News Websites / Popular Blogs and/or CryptoCurrency Related Websites, will get additional rewards, proportional to the generated traffic.

Top Tier 50,000+ Hits with quality article or video:
1st place 100,000 RENT
High Quality/ HIGH PR7+ Rating Site: 25,000 stakes
Good Quality: 20,000
Normal Quality: 10,000

How to Apply:

1. Write your Article, Review or Create Your Video
2. Fill the form: Here


1. Low Quality Articles and Videos will not be Accepted.
2. Articles and Videos must represent original work. Copying other's work is not allowed and will result in a disqualification. You can use Official Images, Artworks and other Content posted on the Website or via the Press Kit found: here
3. In the Description of the Video you must have one link of official website, one link of whitepaper and one link of your own Bitcointalk profile to prove it is original content.
4. Videos should be be more than 1:30 minutes long, shorter than that will not be taken into consideration.
5. The article has to include 2 official links: Official Website: Website and a link of the Whitepaper: Whitepaper and link of your own Bitcointalk profile in the bottom of your article or in the comments to prove it is original content.
6. Article should exceed 500 characters, less than 500 characters will not be accepted.
7. Medium, Steemit, Newbium, and other general/free blogging platforms submissions will be accepted, but only one per User.
8. If the article is posted on a website, podcast or blog that has quality content, then 3 submissions will be accepted. (Examples such as Personal Blogs with Active Users, Cointelegraph, Popular Youtube Channels and so on)

Tokens will go on sale on September 2nd, 12pm EDT on the Rent Token ICO

Supporting ETH/RENT Only

Starting price: 1 ETH = 2865 RENT

Name: Rent Token  |   Symbol: RENT   |   Platform: Ethereum
Total Token Supply: 500,000,000 | Website: http://www.rent-token.com

Disclaimer: All ICOs are high risk investments that may result in a total loss of investment.The rent token team does not guarantee the increase or stability of value RENT.
*Rent Token is currently not supported by rental properties unless the funding goal of 1mm is met.Rent Token does not have a ICO minimum funding goal.The Rent Token will attempt to continue development if our funding does not reach $1,000,000 development may be at a reduced pace.If funding of 1 million usd is not met the existing token holders will still receive a buyback program at 6 months post ICO at $0.12 a token.

Whitepaper: http://rent-token.com/ico/white-paper/

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