Repux: Business Data Revolution Programme

REPUX - Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is currently on the rise by contributing to the rapid development of the global economy. Proven with billions of dollars that spin every day at the cryptocurrency lovers community. There are so many people who prove the power of this crytocurrency. Both individuals and corporations have been successful in making good profits from trading digital cryptocurrency assets to investing in emerging projects from companies everywhere in the world. This provides an opportunity for anyone and is not too late to try his fortune by joining the community.

This time there is a company that tries its luck by joining one of the cryptocurrency communities and holding ICO to raise funds from investors to make their project a success. How and like what they offer let us consider the explanation below.

Repux offers a platform that enables data producers to increase their earnings by streamlining their business data turnover process with marketing targets for small to medium sized businesses.

The Repux platform also allows anyone to sell anonymous data to earn a paid income with the Repux token itself. By holding technology blockchain cryptocurrency allows any kind of product will be easier and will be more transparent is also safe because the technology is very secure with very complicated algorithm logic so it is very difficult to be penetrated by the online thieves (cybercrime) who have been wandering around stealing anything. We know the end of last year 2017 there has been a massive data theft incident that occurred on a website data company in America. Repux present provide a secure solution. Here is the presentation of the Repux itself.

Repux token sales are ongoing and will be completed on March 9, 2018. Total token supplies Repux about 500 million tokens with rate price at the time of ICO that is 1 Repux equal to 0.02 USD. Of all sales proceeds when ICO will be distributed 40% for their platform development, 25% for marketing, 20% for partnership and 15% for their operational costs. For those of you interested in investing in a project they can visit the page I will share below. Thank you for visiting.



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