EQUI: Decentralized Venture Capital Market Innovation

Our life in the 21st century is undeniable that has grown rapidly and has had a lot of very sophisticated findings until our lives this feels easier and fun. Emerging technology is an answer to the uneasiness of the traditional model of life with great speed and great distances by reaching every corner of this earth.

From the economic sector, especially the financial, has been found and is becoming the current trend that is, technology that supports financial services digitally. In term given nana Fintech or can also be called financial technology. Almost all sectors of life now have their own technology to support the development of the sector. Digital assets, blockchain technology, etc. are supportive in order to make a financial services company able to serve anyone from any country. Its decentralized system is what makes this blockchain technology more popular and loved by many people and also proven to have been able to make a real contribution to the global economic development as well as individuals and companies.

You certainly already know a company in one of the capital industry that is venture capital. A company that will provide capital to the company both start up and who want to grow further with the following experts who sent as supervisors as well as consultants for the company quickly developed and able to return the capital lent at once with interest that has become mutual agreement. Here I will inform a venture capital company that will provide services on the capital market with the support of this blockchain technology. Like what and how let us consider the explanation below. Before you go to the explanation first you can see their presentation video below.

They call themselves by the name of EQUI. A company that has experienced more than 30 years in the field of venture capital with the name of Aston Ventures in the traditional world. Now they are expanding into digital technology that is currently on the rise is blockchain to be able to provide an open opportunity for anyone to join with them to become investors. EQUI will provide a token with a real utility value by allowing its token holders to increase their earnings through investments in the companies they support as they have for the past 30 years.

moreover, their platforms that provide an investment opportunity will provide 75% of the total net profit earned from the investment will be returned to the holders of EQUI tokens who invest in them. So I think this is a double advantage that you will get. The first is from the change in the price of their tokens that I'm sure will go up when you buy it at ICO. the second is the one I explained above that you use your EQUI token to invest with them on the company they will lend the capital to the function of the venture capital company with 75% profit profit to be shared equally to all investors of the token holder.

A concept that is mature and very promising in my opinion because you only need to spend some funds to buy their token then you invest with them just a matter of time to bring the benefits of their investments. Moreover, the experience of 30 years in the field of venture capital has given them an unquestionable track record. For initial information they have collected 7 million USD on their pre-sale token and their ICO will expire on 30 June 2018. There is still plenty of time to prepare funds and successfully invest with them. Hopefully useful and for more information you can visit their official link which I will share the link below. Thank you for visiting.


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