Enkronos: Competitive Decentralized Marketing Platform

[ENKRONOS] - Since the discovery of blockchain technology in 2009, as a result of the dream of a Satoshi Nakamoto to date has experienced rapid development and provides evidence of a real contribution to the development of the global economy. The Blockchain itself has experienced various conflicts with several stakeholders because of its decentralized nature. However, behind that all the famous blockchain is fast, cheap, transparent, and decentralization has been accepted by the community. In fact, the government that once declared contra to this technology, little by little, had begun to glance at and explore this technology to be invited to reconcile and mutter together in succeeding and advancing the world economy.

Many companies engaged in various fields have had a lot of cooperation with this technology for their financial systems. Blockchain has also given a new color to digital technology and is greatly advancing this field. We all know that in the field of advertising and marketing, we have started to switch to digital methods (online) rather than using traditional and electronic advice. Although the old facilities are still used, this online method has a greater and significant influence on the sales results of a product marketed by this method.

However, in the past few decades there have been some problems with the digital method, both for marketing and transaction purposes, etc. Data processing, guarantee of data security, copyright protection, etc. are classic problems that need to be solved as soon as possible for the continuity and development of the digital world. this time there is a company that is holding an ICO for a digital marketing platform and all solutions to the above problems. They call themselves Enochronos. Like what and how they offer, let's look together with the explanation below.

Enkronos Apps is a unique multi-application data-based platform for advertising, marketing, AI and big data solutions. The Enkronos application is driven by a focus on concentrating all the concepts of companies involved with their consumers. Some applications, each of which has a unique approach to engaging its users, creates an environment where content creators can immediately publish complex solutions. Each solution solves a different problem, not only answering specific problems for the company or the creator of the solution, but also reducing the time needed to do this to a minimum.

The Enkronos application is built with a very modular concept, where it removes, adjusts, scales up or improves any aspect simply and cleanly. All applications use a centralized single sign-in (SSO). This will remove any issues of data authentication or authorization that the application can have and make it easier to use all applications around the world in the Enkronos Application. Content creators in Enkronos Apps can see their feedback from all applications in a vast and free cloud-based environment for anyone (general). They have the ability to manage all data sources, which applications are collected, from a single dashboard and are easy to use.

Smart and simple solutions, but indeed very necessary as soon as possible and certainly will be quickly accepted by the community. So the expression that came to my mind when I first read their whitepaper. But all of that is only from me personally, maybe it will be different from you, for that I suggest you to read their whitepaper to better understand the purpose of their project.

Just enough information from me about this Enkronos project. For more information and more details you can follow their official link which I will share the link at the end of this article. Hopefully useful and thank you for visiting.



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