HighVibe Network: The Future of Social Platform

HighVibe Network - Has it ever occurred to your mind since you started growing up to be eager to develop your potential and become someone who is able to offer work that results from your own potential? Almost all people want to do that and not a few who eventually fail and abandon their desires because they are hit by daily needs while to get to the success of this requires a long, expensive, and extra-hard struggle. In simpler languages, you are required to choose between idealists or pragmatists or maybe run both together.

Besides that, in our lives we are currently experiencing what is called digitalization and industrial revolution 4.0. Where all things related to our life activities begin to shift to digital and can provide opportunities for anyone including individuals to be able to develop and generate income from the abilities that he has. In this case, blockchain technology and the internet have provided enormous opportunities.

Then can we carry out activities to pursue success through developing our own potential while continuing to meet our daily needs? With the explanation in the second paragraph of course it can and depends on the commitment and how long you can survive to continue to fight for your success. Where can we publish our work even though the quality from the beginning is still simple to finally develop into extraordinary works and always get appreciation? To answer this question I will provide information as well as invite you to discuss a project that is holding an ICO with a product that will provide solutions to the above problems. They call themselves the HighVibe Network. What are they like and how are they? Here's the explanation.

HighVibe Network offers an inclusive social platform which will further build an ecosystem of people who monetize their work and not be limited to one industry or sector of life. All categories can be included including for newcomers. You can get rewards from your activities on their platform such as uploading work, voting, comments, referrals, and many others. The head office of the HighVibe Network is in Estonia and of course they have complied with all kinds of laws that apply there.

Their journey began in the middle of 2017. Where they are aware of the concept of a social platform that will become a platform for the future. Then in Q3 and Q4 2017 they began forming teams and doing various preparations before publishing their projects. Starting from the beginning of 2018 until now they have published their projects and are still in the ICO stage to raise investor funds as capital to finance their projects. At least there are 6 values ​​attached to them. these values ​​include:

1. Service
They have prepared themselves to always serve their users. They realize that being able to succeed in this project requires good collaboration with all of its users.

2. Abundance
Blockchain technology has become the beginning of freedom and abundance for everything in our lives. This is where the HighVibe Network will emphasize that value.

3. Connectedness
The HighVibe Network recognizes that we are all connected and need each other. This value also eventually led to the idea of ​​a social platform for all sectors of life.

4. Responsibility
They realize that to be able to achieve a better future life is our responsibility to be the best person.

5. Empowerment
They will strive to continue to empower all parties to their projects including users to achieve mutual success.

6. Devotion
The most obvious loyalty of HighVibe Network is to realize the right to develop self potential for everyone including themselves and the team. With this HighVibe Network platform all of these things can be realized.

What do you think about this HighVibe Network project? Please write your opinion in the comments column and let's discuss.


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