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PledgecampTalking about industrial revolution 4.0 has always been associated with digitalization and utilization of internet technology. Along with this, blockchain technology is certainly one of the initiators for the realization of this revolution 4.0. Since its emergence in 2009 and continues to grow until now. Blockchain has now grown with an ecosystem consisting of a group of individuals and companies.

The cryptocurrency community that I often refer to as the ecosystem has evolved with crowdfunding which has given a glimmer of hope to democracy and decentralization in the economic field since 2013. Crowdfunding provides answers to actulisation ideas, overcomes funding gaps, and provides economic value to society. Over time, the increasingly widespread ICO has emerged and this has been used by irresponsible parties. In 2017 up to now there are still companies that cheat by holding crowdfunding, some are failing in realization, or some are delayed in realization. This is certainly very detrimental to market players, including investors, and has an impact on reducing public confidence, including market participants, towards crowdfunding. This certainly needs to find the right solution to stimulate public confidence.

This time I will introduce a company that is holding an ICO with escrow products that will provide solutions to the various problems mentioned above. They call themselves Pledgecamp. They will be the first escrow platform to offer insurance support and guarantees. For those of you who will hold an ICO by using the Pledgecamp platform escrow service, you must first deposit in the form of a Pledge Coin (PLG), which you can then take back if you have uploaded and made some proof of your seriousness in holding your project.

Smart Crowd

In the current mechanism, those of you who invest in an ICO are no more just financial supporters. Here is different, Pledgecamp will encourage you to be more active, participatory in the campaign, become an empowered supporter for the success of a joint project. The project also involves getting support from several well-known figures so it is very convincing including Randi Zuckerberg (Founder & CEO of Zuckerberg Media), Matt Curcio (VP Data, Ripple), Keith Teare (TechCrunch), and many others.

Simply put Pledgecamp has a project that is committed to proving that crowdfunding is a solution and a thing that is able to provide economic value to society at large. Their platform will certainly hold blockchain technology with 4 main values ​​that they offer, namely transparency, accountability, collaborative, and accelerated support. The following is a video interview with their President Eddie Lee and Randi Zuckerberg on international television.

For the sale of their tokens, it will start from December 3, 2018. For pre-sales results they have reached around 17 million USD at a price of 0.01 USD. This is proof that their project has the full support of the community. However, I suggest you to find as much information and data as much about them to convince your decision. I will share the official link to the end of this article as an additional reference for you. This article was created to be able to receive prizes from the bounty program at Bounty0X.


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