Unification : Project Review

According to their whitepaper, and their introduction,
Unification could be a decoupled subject field framework that has generalized state channels for information standardization and ability across enterprise technical stacks.

In different words, Unification could be a framework to standardize, connect and commercialize company info. It helps corporations to form one, uniform channel for information acquisition, sharing and transfer with good contracts and blockchain. information transfers don't seem to be done on-chain, rather they're going to eff off-chain and can solely use blockchain for settlement and information checks. attributable to this, in theory, information transfer are fast and secure.

Products and Competitors 

In Unification scheme, there square measure many components:

  • Babel: Babel is associate app for finish users and information customers. They use this as a billfold, keystore, and frontend interaction for the UApp store. information client also will be able to use this app to start out information transfers whereas finish users will use this app to manage information permission. Babel can additional or less act as a entranceway to finish users and information customers so as to move with the protocol. for instance, with Babel, users will compel location information to be accessed by any apps, or by specific apps.
  • Blockchain: per Allie's web log post (one of the Unification advisors), Unification could be a blockchain agnostic protocol. As long because the good contracts may be ported it ought to work. This happens as a result of information transfer is finished via off-chain transactions. On the opposite hand, blockchain is employed to store information, which incorporates information schemas/properties, user permissions then on. that is why Unification does not got to build a brand new blockchain, they'll use any existing blockchain that has enough measurability to transfer and communicate information across network participants.
  • Haiku Server Node Software: this can be associate app for information suppliers. information suppliers have to be compelled to install and deploy good contracts so as to supply a affiliation between the present info and also the network.
  • Haiku consumer Software: this can be associate app for information suppliers. information suppliers have to be compelled to install and deploy good contracts so as to supply a affiliation between scripts and also the network.

There square measure many comes out there with similar purpose or business field (data decentralization). a number of them are:

Ocean Protocol

It's a information exchange protocol for AI. It helps information customers to come up with information result from AI and has its own blockchain. they do not have effective ways to aboard customers and there's no information standardization or provide finish users management over their information.

According to Allie, Ocean Protocol may be the nighest challenger to Unification. However, Unification has a bonus because it is simply a protocol and not a blockchain intrinsically. It additionally provides SDK with plentiful documentation to assist onboarding customers less complicated and possible. On high of that, Unification additionally permits finish users to make your mind up that information they'll share and that isn't allowed to be shared.


Datum could be a suburbanised information platform wherever users will legalize their own information. Users square measure able to give information that they want to legalize into the platform, and information customers can purchase them victimization audiotape tokens. they go to launch their own blockchain, and their information is hold on on-chain.

Because of this, it would suffer from bottlenecks and measurability issue particularly if the info is huge and there is loads of transactions on the network. data point does not target enterprise solely, rather they are additional like targeting finish users World Health Organization needed to legalize their information. it's tough for them to aboard business and hastens their adoption as a result of finish users should perceive and conversant in blockchain and stuff since the primary time. On high of that, users have to be compelled to upload/data on their own while not the power to prevent apps aggregation information that they needed to stay non-public.

There will be 3 sorts of users within the ecosystem: information suppliers, end users, and information customers. information suppliers square measure the corporate or enterprise World Health Organization collect information from finish users like social media apps user (e.g. Facebook users) into their info. information customers square measure anyone World Health Organization needs or needed to induce {the information|the info|the information} from data suppliers, like enterprise, researchers, advertisers, tiny & medium business then on. In different words, information suppliers square measure the vendor whereas information customers square measure the client. finish users are the supply to come up with information.

The Tokenomics & Token Utility

There will be a complete of one billion tokens created, within which twenty fifth of them are sold  throughout the ITO (250,000,000 tokens). the value of the tokens is $0.075 per UND. The mechanism to forestall worth drop is sort of sensible. Team tokens square measure bolted up for three years, with quarterly vesting. authority lockup is between one - a pair of years depends on their role, with quarterly vesting. The non-public sale cap is thirty five,000 ETH, no bonus in any respect. five hundredth of the tokens are free at the TGE, twenty fifth in three months and also the rest when six months. the general public sale tokens, on the opposite hand, does not have any lockup.

With this state of affairs, the attainable trafficker on the primary day in associate exchange ought to be non-public sale participants or public sale participants. each of them, in theory, would not wish to dump their tokens at an inexpensive worth as a result of they do not get any bonuses. Team lockup is sort of sensible, that prevents dump from the team facet and at an equivalent time shows their confidence within the project.

UND tokens are utilized in loads of eventualities within the scheme. a number of them include:

  • Payment to information suppliers and to finish users by information customers so as to induce information and permissions to use the info.
  • A supply of revenue stream for information suppliers as a result of they connect their info to the Unification network.
  • A supply of revenue stream for finish users as a result of they'll get paid once there is a client and at an equivalent time still management their own information.
  • The tokens can act because the normal to price information. it'll facilitate everyone to directly exchange their information via shopping for or merchandising their information with the tokens instead of doing advanced deals of information exchange with different parties. to place it merely, there will not be any longer advanced barter. Participants will use the tokens to precise information price, sanctioning different parties to shop for or sell it and gain access to that.


The competition within the method to supply a suburbanised information platform for finish users is steady increasing. not like its previous competitors, Unification offers vital benefits that ought to facilitate them to contend with success within the information market. With a fast on boarding method, sensible anti-dump ways and effective product, Unification may be value to follow.

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