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[FFL] - Since its emergence in 2009, the blockchain technology with cryptpcurrency that stands on it continues to grow to provide solutions for payment and data sharing openly and read only. The value of transparency that is very wide open and decentralized makes this technology get great attention and adoption from various circles of society in the world. Not a few companies that began to adopt this technology daterus running also increased as a reaction and recognition of the solutions offered by this technology. Given that we currently live in an all-digital era and are in the process of digitalization. So it's naive when you don't follow this development. In terms of governments in various countries, they have begun to glance and study this technology, and some have even realized this technology in their financial systems such as Venezuela.

Widened further, this blockchain technology is not only used for financial systems or payments. Moreover, this transparency can be used to share files and data (content) that can provide copyright protection for the makers. This time I will introduce you to a company that is holding an ICO with data sharing service products that are very protective and respect for content creators who use their services. They call themselves the .fm Library Files which are then abbreviated as FFL. Here below are a few reviews about them.

As a preliminary note that FFL has been established since 2008 and is able to survive until now with more than 10 years of experience certainly is not an easy thing. They read at least three main problems that emerged in the online file service industry. These three problems include the lack of legal alternatives for illegal file sharing that are troubling for original content creators (copyright protection), preservation of inadequate data for now and in the future (future generations), and limited free file sharing services.

This field will not die and it will not be possible when internet technology is still standing tall and becoming a technology supporting the future. Since the beginning of the existence of this internet technology is indeed used to share any data throughout the world quickly. The FFL has been developed with a basic technical system that they have built since 2008 by developing and integrating two technologies and best practices from centralization and decentralization. Not to forget, the FFL will also use P2P networks to operate their platforms.

Here are some benefit points that can be taken using their platform:
1. Users can freely access both free and paid content easily and legally.
2. Content creators get rewards from their work and work.
3. Communities can receive remuneration to do work and store digital heritage for the next generation so as not to disappear.

Furthermore, the core of the big picture of the FFL platform is data or file sharing services, both free and paid. Basic services will be available free of charge and premium features and services will be provided for a fee. They also issued their own tokens which were available at ICO under the name FFM tokens. This FFM Token will later become a legitimate payment tool when you will take paid benefits from their services such as getting storage space, file purchases, content subscription, and other premium services. As an interesting note, you can get their storage space of 100 GB just by paying 10000 FFM tokens.

Thus my initial introduction to the Library project. See you at the next discussion.


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