MESG: A Decentralized Platform for Business Developers

MESG is AN infrastructure that connects business and developer to one system wherever they'll share, build, re-use and utilize shared resources and a blockchain. to place it merely, MESG can facilitate developers and business to create their apps and connect it to a blockchain to realize some functions.

Problems & Mission

MESG aims to unravel the scaling drawback of ancient business. It conjointly aims to unravel the pricey development method wherever developers face many technical issues because of lack of ability and property between apps or framework. MESG can facilitate them by providing AN infrastructure wherever business, developers, and any parties concerned will scale, with the foremost minimum price and compatibility with older devices.


If you see their GitHub, you'll be able to already check what quite product that they build. you'll be able to conjointly run it straight away, that is pretty cool considering most crypto start-up does not have a operating product nevertheless. you will notice many things like apps wherever we will use it to shop for ERC20 tokens with Stripe.

More or less, these apps/modules area unit however MESG works in action. MESG can give modules, connections, and ability for each party concerned within the system. These modules can facilitate developers and business to develop application quicker & cheaper.

Developers will build and license their own modules in order that everytime somebody uses it, they're going to get rewards in variety of MESG tokens. Miners WHO are the network supporter must stake tokens as collateral, and successively, they're going to get rewards for his or her contribution. This way, business or start-up will use MESG to access resource and use modules with cheaper price compared to the standard means.


MESG competition is cloud services like #Google Cloud, #Amazon AWS, or one thing like #Serverless, AION, and so on. In different words, any infrastructure to run apps/services on-line may be thought of a competition to MESG, either crypto or non-crypto project.

Some competitors have already "conquer" the market, however that does not mean MESG isn't competitive. the foremost vital point for MESG, once its comparatively low price to use, is that the flexibility by developers or business to use. the character of modules, wherever everybody will build and use and so get rewards are a few things that ought to be able to attract interest from a great deal of individuals.

Even although the competition is though, MESG already has smart funding support from Yellow, a blockchain brooder. They already raised around $2 million, that may be a smart quantity to begin a start-up. per their roadmap, Q1 2020 ought to be the target for the complete platform launch. This means, with 1-2 years of development we will expect MESG to be totally purposeful and will attract some interest from potential customers.


This is a brief introduction to MESG. Let's review some attention-grabbing points:

  1. MESG is AN infrastructure to assist business, developers and different interested parties to scale their system with little price.
  2. MESG can use blockchain to empower the system, mistreatment its MESG tokens (coins) because the economic incentive and currency within the MESG platform.
  3. There area unit many competitors to MESG. However, with the means MESG give modules and the way it works, we will expect attention-grabbing development within the house.

To put it merely, MESG is price to look at additional. Their GitHub is active and i might like to see additional development to happens within the close to future. you'll be able to learn additional regarding them via these links below:

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