Daxico: Decentralized Anonymous Cryptocurrency Exchange

DAXICO could be a new exchange, pocketbook and peer-to-peer cryptocurrency payments platform. whereas the most usage is as an area for purchasers to trade, we will additionally use it for saving our crypto or doing peer-to-peer payments. albeit it's new, Daxico claims that they connected with or offer liquidity to confirm the simplest mercantilism expertise. are you able to use this platform as an alternate exchange, or maybe use this as your main exchange? Before you answer that, you must recognize additional regarding Daxico.


As i discussed earlier, Daxico offers associate degree exchange, pocketbook and peer-to-peer payments. The exchange itself offers quite one hundred digital assets. Daxico claims to own low unfold, high volume and quick speed because of their liquidity supplier. this implies that you just will trade while not waiting buyer/seller for too long or risk your plus because of high volatility or huge spreads.

It ought to be noted that at this moment of writing, there's a restricted feature on the exchange graph. If you wish to use technical indicators like the Bollinger band then on, you'll have to attend for succeeding upgrade. however you'll already use the exchange and alter the timeline for the graph, like daily, weekly, or monthly candle.

On the pocketbook aspect, there ar some options that you just will not see on different exchanges. Daxico offers the simplest way to make multiple assets, accounts or users with totally different access privilege. This means, with one account, you'll produce or manage totally different pocketbook address, that could be a sensible issue if you wish to remain associate degreeonymous and stop others from linking your pocketbook address to an exchange. you'll use these multiple wallets as you want, name it in step with your wants so use it to deposit/withdraw when you trade.

The last feature is P2P payments. Daxico can permit you to send crypto to different users account, with none fees as a result of it did not happen on the blockchain. Instead, Daxico can additional or less "send" your crypto to some other person account. this implies Daxico can act sort of a funds manager which will move or transfer the possession of some assets to someone else.


If you visit the web site, Daxico can greet you with a login/registration page. when you log in, you will enter the app website that has blue and white color because the main color. there's a left side-bar that you'll use to navigate the platform. Everytime you click one in all the navigation button listed there, you will be directed to a different page.

The interface is sort of clear-cut. for instance, the Buy/Sell page can airt you to a moment buy/sell page wherever you'll sell your crypto directly (possibly in step with the market value at the instant you submit your order). choose the plus you wish to buy/sell, that plus you wish to receive reciprocally and that wallets that you just use. After that, submit your order.

If you click 'Trade', you will attend the mercantilism platform wherever you'll place a sophisticated order, build a limit or spot order. The mercantilism page appearance quite nice, with additional or less a black/night theme, not like the most page. I in person like this higher. it is also quick, albeit i do not use it to trade nonetheless, I will navigate the platform quite simply. we want to attend if we wish advanced options like technical indicator tho'.


My overall impression for Daxico is nice, albeit there ar many problems that require to be self-addressed like team details (don't wish to be scammed and cannot sue later), technical options then on. however if you do not mind those 2, Daxico feels like a solid various if you wish to exchange anonymously. Yes, you do not ought to undergo gratuitous KYC/AML here if you wish to trade, and it additionally protects your privacy.

Stay tuned for additional articles regarding Daxico. within the meanwhile, scan additional regarding Daxico here:

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