TerraGreen: The Future of the Decentralized Renewable Energy Industry

The issues of environmental health, cleanliness, burning of forest land, global warming, and the depletion of the earth's energy resources make our lives seem like they will almost perish or return to the stone age where everything is not as easy now if we cannot manage and find renewable energy resources with abundant materials. None other than waste or remnants from production is something that is abundant on this earth and needs to be processed or will cause pollution and damage the health of our earth.

One advantage of our lives today is that if there is a business idea or any idea, it will very quickly get support in the form of capital for realization. This arises when the internet has begun to spread throughout the world, especially with blockchain technology, which has so far contributed to the growth of the world economy to billions of dollars every year. This is why there are so many ideas and companies that have sprung up trying their luck to be able to grow their business. Especially if their products are something that will support the maintenance of the earth as this one project. They call themselves TerraGreen. This is the company that we will discuss on this occasion. Previously you can see their presentation video below.

TerraGreen is a unique project for the management of micro biomass waste from the agriculture and forestry sectors which they then convert into renewable energy products in an efficient manner. This project also collaborates with blockchain technology as a backup for the financial side and several other operational parts. The founders and teams behind this project are people who have more than 15 years of experience in the renewable energy industry. This is an important note that the people behind the TerraGreen project are not careless and have dedicated their lives in the industry. Of course they already understand well about this renewable energy industry. Our current life, especially in the matter of renewable energy, is the right solution to preserve the health of our earth while keeping it clean. Internal problems from this industry are again about project funding. This is where the people who are on the TerraGreen project are committed to joining the cryptocurrency ecosystem, which in turn hopes to get funding for their future projects.

They consider that this renewable energy source is a product or commodity that will be of high value later because non-renewable energy sources have started to thin out. Furthermore, by selling their own crypto coins as project funding, they believe the value of selling their coins will rise along with their products that will provide solutions to many countries. Basically TerraGreen is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) project or decentralized autonomous organization. They are independent (independent) based on previous instructions on smart contracts. Surely this is indeed something similar to the ideals of the blockchain itself. So first from me about this TerraGreen project and we will discuss it in my next article. May be useful


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