The Magic Of Personalized Humor Gifts

The Magic Of Personalized Humor Gifts - In childhood, most likely, we heard the mantra, " 'Tis better to give than to receive". Of course we didn't quite buy into that theory in our youth, as nothing felt better than that new bike, G.I. Joe, Nintendo, Ipod, Barbie set, or, you name it (depending on if you are boy or a girl, and whether you are from The Woodstock Generation or Gen. Y).

But as we grew older, and hopefully wiser, we learned that giving was and is actually more fun. And then we (hopefully) evolved even further and discovered that giving a unique personalized type gift, was/is more exciting because it helps strengthen the bond in a friendship, reminding the other of commonalities, as it can be "human nature" to think of "our differences". 

The giving of gifts has been with humanity long before we ever created holidays. Grog probably gave Thorg a piece of dinosaur meat and later, to show mutual friendship, perhaps Thorg invented the wheel and gave Grog a copy of his prototype. But all that is history, or prehistory, as it were, and today is a much different climate in the world of gift giving and what and all that it entails. 

It is a good thing to consider a gift that you give "an extension of you" because it really is. The closer a gift that you give to reflect your personality, and how you feel it is similar to the recipients personality, the more valuable the gift, not to mention memorable, no matter if it is a five dollar item or fifty thousand dollar.

i tend to use humor as a "coping mechanism" to get through the bumps that life offers and i tend to have friends who do similarly. We don't only look at each other as close friends, but as "life rafts in a choppy ocean' for each other, when the waters get rough. We live in a busy world, so it is not always easy to remember to pick up the phone or jot an email every few days and tell our friends how much we love them, admire their sense of humor, or any other term of endearment we might want to purvey, though that is not such a bad idea, and means much to many. 

Man invented birthdays, holidays and other celebrations which give us an opportunity to tell a significant other, or others how we value them in the way of a gift. A memorable gift need not be expensive, and some of the most original valuable (to me) gifts I've ever gotten have cost probably around twenty dollars. 

Since I happen to be a cartoonist and cartoon collectible fanatic, I love to receive funny cartoon T shirts, mouse pads, coffee mugs etc., by other cartoonists. I put them on my walls, my bookshelves, etc. and that friend has reminded me that we both share a very common bond, a survivalist bond if you will, and that is, a sense of humor. 

Funny gifts, or cartoon collectibles are like good psychotherapy to me, whether I'm receiving or giving them. Spreading the word of humor is, to me, spreading a very high form of spirituality, because it does have such a healing quality. 

An even greater perk in funny-gift-giving, is that most online stores like this allow you to customize each item either free, and some of them up to two dollars. It's a wonderful way to share a short engraved message, or even add one's on URL to make it a most unique personalized corporate gift/ I happen to be drinking coffee as I type this, in one of my own mugs, from my superstore, with a great friend's business URL who lives two thousand miles away, but has one of my own cartoons on it. He knows I'm going to use it more than my plain white mug. He sells ink cartridges and also knows my printer is right on my desk next to my mug. So who am I going to think of when it is time to order cartridges? He's not just a good guy but a very savvy gift-giver.

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