ShareMeAll : Decentralized Marketplace for Sharing Everything

ShareMeAll : Decentralized Marketplace for Sharing Everything - Life with advanced technological facilities such as the internet and digital machines is a living condition in which every human being can survive easily provided they are able to be creative and have various resources including knowledge and skills that have bargaining value. How not, in this fast-paced life we ​​are able to communicate and market our products or services to the whole world in just seconds at a lower cost.

Moreover, even the digital financial system has been introduced since a few years ago. And the results can be said to be very good. This indicates that the digital financial system will someday become a financial system used by the whole world and paper money will be abandoned. If there are risk problems for digital money theft, the right solution is to use blockchain technology that has been proven to be unable to be penetrated by anyone so far and has gained recognition and mass adoption by people throughout the world. Many companies have adopted this technology to be integrated into their operational platforms and systems. This time I will invite you to discuss a project that is holding an ICO to fund their project, of course using blockchain technology on their platform. this project is called ShareMeAll. What is it like and how is the detail about this project? see the explanation below. You can witness beforehand about the following video presentations and introductions.

Our ancient ancestors in meeting their needs used a barter system. That is exchanging goods or services to get goods or services from other people. This system has difficulties regarding the same or equal value when exchanging because there is no clear standard of value. Until finally found the paper money that we have used until now. This ShareMeAll project offers a platform where we can offer all kinds of resources we have including products and services to exchange and share resources with all users of their platforms around the world.

Imagine, when we have items that are not so needed to be used we can rent it to others and give us additional income and market it online on the ShareMeAll platform. What an attractive offer because it provides additional income opportunities. All types of goods, services and even skills that you have can you offer. In return, you will get a number of eSwitch tokens that you want and then you can exchange into fiat currencies as you want or apply in your country.

So what's interesting about this project?

One of the most important strengths of this project is that eSwitch is a trademark that has been officially registered at the National Institute of Industrial Property with a server stamp certificate number 28497. This indicates that they are an official business and have received legal recognition. Of course this will dismiss the fear of a scam project and of course you can trust this project. However, I am not a professional investment consultant. So, if you are interested in investing in this project, it is a good idea to do further research on this project by visiting their official link below as a source of further information. That's all and thank you, hope it's useful.


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