CyberMiles: The Decentralized Future Online Shopping Platform Ready to Operate

Commercial infrastructure of modern society has always evolved and developed to meet the increasingly demanding needs for fast, precise, and safe. Moreover, the existence of internet technology and very massive and fast adoption and mainstream towards smart phones and various sophisticated devices that are mobile and capable of providing someone's services connected to the internet network greatly help various industries to be able to increase their income and market capitalization.

Not spared from its circulation, the e-commerce industry has also become one of the new industries that emerged as the evolution of traditional retail companies that proved to be very effective and efficient and provided an opportunity for anyone to sell their products without having to have large capital to large areas of land. Even so great, still every thing that exists in this life certainly has a problem that needs a solution. Indeed the problems that arise in this industry are general but very important and this is related to an online system and software used considering if a large online retailer certainly has its own payment system even though later working with the bank is only to help to transfer funds. Financial system infrastructure and payments are needed that are strong, safe, fast, right, cheap and comfortable and easy to use by anyone.

Maybe some of you - you all already know about the project called CyberMiles. For those of you who don't know it, I will introduce a little through writing on this occasion. This CyberMiles project has something to do with the introduction above and has been running since 2017 and their utility tokens CMT tokens have been traded in various exchanges including binance and they are holding a celebration of data migration and the authors include those who will celebrate by discussing their project . Like what? we discuss together.

The CyberMiles project is carried out by the CyberMiles Foundation and works with 5miles, an e-commerce company that has been established since 2014 and already has experience, portfolio and market capitalization with transaction values ​​of up to 3 billion USD each year and already has more than 12 million users and occupied the Top 10 position as a shopping application. 5miles parties realize the benefits and advantages of blockchain technology is very good and good to implement and will be able to provide good service for their consumers. For this reason, they finally entered into this collaboration to build a blockchain infrastructure CyberMiles for e-commerce products and businesses that are run by 5miles.

The blockchain CyberMiles infrastructure will later be like ETH which provides an opportunity for anyone to build their business by using their blockchain infrastructure by making CMT tokens as transaction fuel and incentives for users who contribute to a number of things that become potential incentive zones. The CyberMiles blockchain protocol is claimed to be the next generation blockchain that optimizes e-commerce and is designed to be able to create mainstream mass adoption more quickly. Following are the 3 functions and benefits of the blockchain CyberMiles:

1. As support for large libraries for smart business contracts for businesses with strong decentralized forces.
2. As a manager of personal data, transactions, safe, fast and transparent user storage.
3. By using the Proof of Stake consensus, it will be able to serve up to tens of thousands of transactions every second and this will solve the problem of overlapping chain latency and difficult to be served with old technology.

Simply put this project will invite users and the general public to adopt blockchain technology by migrating the business model of the 5miles company that has been running by utilizing blockchain technology built by the CyberMiles Foundation in collaboration with them. On May 14, they celebrated the migration of data from the 5miles e-commerce application to the blockchain CyberMiles. This is a proof as well as a sign that their project is real and running. In addition, their CMT tokens have been traded in various major exchanges including binance as a well-known stock exchange with a large number of daily transactions and users.

This also signals one thing that the CyberMiles project is ready to operate as desired, namely to become a decentralized e-commerce company using a decentralized platform with blockchain technology and CMT tokens as their operational driving force. The more successful projects such as CyberMiles, the blockchain ecosystem will generally run and this will be our dream together. For those of you who want to know more or try their platform, can find more information at the link below. May be useful.


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