Imusify: Decentralization of the Future Music Industry

Music is a part of human life long ago. Our psychological and emotional conditions can change quickly just by listening to music, depending on the genre and arrangement of songs or music that we listen to. Speaking of history and the journey of the music industry in the present era can be said to deteriorate. Why is that? because there are so many technologies that make it easy for us to be able to listen to even save songs quickly and almost for free. The existence of internet technology makes the distribution of music very fast but it is also very easy to pirate until finally the musicians, labels, and recorders suffer losses because of the lack of even the income they receive from their work.

Once upon a time there was a p2p platform named Napster that provided services to anyone to download named Napster which provided services to anyone to download various kinds of songs for free until finally there was no more need to buy music. Here is a turning point where the music industry has fallen in performance because it began with a decline in income until finally a solution is needed to protect the work of musicians so that there is still income for those who are able to give them the spirit to continue working. Imusify is a project that we will discuss this time that offers a solution to the problems facing the music industry today. As a start, information that those behind the project were active players in the previous music industry with various positions both singers, band players and composers. What and how, let's discuss it.

David Walters is the CEO and Founder of the Imusify project. He has been active in the world of music since the age of 8 years have started writing songs until finally recording and experiencing for themselves the phenomenon of the great losses faced by this music industry. Until finally he thought of looking for a solution by reflecting on the Napster phenomenon and giving birth to this Imusify project. Imusify itself offers a p2p platform that will help musicians to get back up to get the right to their work by building an unlimited world ecosystem where fans can interact and support their idol artists financially with their IMU tokens. With their platform you and the artists can do various kinds of activities related to the world of music such as streaming music, selling singles, albums, licenses and so on.

Another note is why there needs to be a decentralized platform in addition to helping musicians also to destroy the monopoly or centralization of the music industry. Because like any song creator or piece of music only gets a small portion of the total income received by a group of people who monopolize this industry. Imusify's platform was created to provide new space that is open, transparent and autonomous for artists to be able to engage in activities and move more freely until finally the intelligent music economy can be well built and the condition of the music industry is getting healthier.

As I mentioned earlier, the team behind this project were mostly people who had plunged into the music world directly and long ago to feel the bitterness and setback of the music industry. Armed with the same passion and experience make them more solid. They have prepared several things and some of the steps they have taken as proof of their seriousness and sincerity to make this project a success. For those of you who need more information, please visit the link below. may be useful


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