Lemonade: Decentralized Location Based Advertising Platform

LemonAd - Advertising is an important instrument for every business to be able to socialize and market their products to the wider community. This has been done by every businessman since ancient times until now, What distinguishes first now is only the method used in advertising, but for the purpose and substance remains the same as time goes by. This continues to grow by following increasingly advanced technological developments. When marketing is done in a traditional or manual way it is very heavy and costs too high with a limited range. It is different from now where there is internet technology that can reach every person in every corner of the earth.

The usefulness of this internet technology is indeed felt by everyone and provides new income fields for several professions with certain disciplines such as writers, online game developers, to website developers, etc. Added again is the existence of blockchain technology that penetrates and provides the latest online financial solutions with a high level of security and speed and at a very low cost compared to other methods with the same range, namely the whole world. What if some of the advanced technologies that are now combined and formed on a platform that serves sophisticated advertising systems both online and offline? of course it will be very fun and can provide opportunities and conveniences for business people at various levels to be able to advertise their products at an affordable cost. This is what I will introduce to you a project that offers blockchain-based advertising services that integrate the above technologies. They are named LemonAd. Here is a little information about them below.

LemonAd offers an advertising platform with a variety of paths for anyone who needs to market their products, including for providers of advertisements in this case such as application developers, web developers, blog owners and so on. Instead, advertisers pay a number of LAD tokens as fees to be paid which will later be shared with the advertising providers. For their own projects have started running and their tokens have been traded on the Midex exchange with blockchain that they created themselves using POS consensus.

Judging from the preparation and journey of this project, it can be said that they are serious about working on this project until their success and services are gradually being used. This indicates that this project is not a random project and certainly provides new opportunities for advertising providers to be able to offer their services to be able to generate new revenue from this platform. This project also aims to help mass adoption of blockchain technology so that it can continue to advance and develop until the world accepts this technology as a whole with the system in it. For those of you who are interested and want to know more about them, you can visit the link below. May be useful


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