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[THE SUITE] - Purchasing power is a term that describes the ability to buy someone for a product or with a certain nominal value. To anticipate this, many companies offer loyalty programs as an attraction for consumers to shop for them. This proved to be very accurate and so far many companies have run the loyalty program and many have followed it. As soon as housewives in America can follow three or even more loyalty programs from several companies to get the bonus they desire.

The rapid emergence of the internet and its mass adoption provide new business opportunities where people and companies offer their products through the internet and prove to be more effective because they are able to reach everyone from every corner of the earth. The digital economy has become a trend up to now and blockchain is emerging with cryptographic technology that raises cryptocurrency and digital financial systems that are safe, fast, and inexpensive. this time I will introduce you to a company that will provide loyalty program services that do not require registering from every company or store incorporated in their ecosystem. One card can access all existing stores. This of course will make it easier and more enjoyable. Imagine when you or your wife follow only 3 loyalty programs from 3 different companies, of course the points collected and the money that must be spent including registration will be 3 times more. This is where this project appears to facilitate and benefit consumers. This project is called The Suite, like what and how, let's discuss below.

As mentioned above, The Suite offers a platform where you can collect loyalty program points from all stores, hypermarkets, and companies incorporated in their ecosystem with only one card and you can convert all of your points into services or cash through Suite Credits (SCT) and tokens (STK). This SCT is a point that is collected and can be exchanged between fellow users of The Suite platform. This SCT will not be traded on the exchange but can be exchanged between users and can also be used to access the other The Suite platform services. Whereas the STK token is an official cryptocurrency token issued by the team behind the The Suite platform which can be traded on the stock exchange and periodically gives rights to SCT airdrop.

The aim of this project is to first introduce this blockchain and cryptocurrency technology to the wider community with various types of benefits that can be received from the use of this technology. Next is to increase the purchasing power of The Suite platform users for their collection of loyalty points. Increase the income and welfare of small traders because they can join this platform. And there are many more goals and benefits that we can receive from this project. Everything you can read yourself on their whitepaper or communicate directly and follow their progress at the link below. Simply put, this project offers a loyalty program that is incorporated into one of several companies both small and large that are incorporated in their platform. This certainly provides benefits to consumers who like this loyalty program to be able to spend their points on any company. May be useful,


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