Veil: Cryptocurrency Platform that Prioritizes Privacy Without Compromise

Privacy Without Compromise - Transacting digitally and anonymously in this all-digital era turned out to still not materialize well. We as ordinary citizens always know our movements and all our financial activities. In other words we do not fully have freedom or freedom to keep our privacy a secret. The existence of blockchain technology can actually be a solution for transactions that are very private and anonymous, but again those that have been running still use a centralized system where our activities can be monitored by the owner of the platform.

This time I will introduce you to a project that is already running and has released their products with the main goal of providing and realizing anonymous transactions for users of course by using digital currencies in this case their artificial cryptocurrency. They have the name Veil. So what's interesting about this Veil project? what distinguishes other projects? let's try reviewing this below. Before we discuss this project, you can first watch the video presentation and their introduction as the initial opening of our next discussion.

A Brief Description of the Veil Project

The Veil project began in early 2018 by James Burden, a figure and expert on cryptocurrency privacy industry who is recognized and has a track record of establishing and leading other successful cryptocurrency projects such as PIVX. The main motivation for the emergence of this project, as mentioned above, is to realize a digital currency that is able to provide full time privacy without reducing the level of anonymity. This sincere intention is proven by the fact that they focus on making their platform first by making the most of their time through the process of team recruitment until release and only within 6 months, exactly January 1, 2019 they have been able to release their platform and wallet and the other items that they started in August 2018. After that, until now they are still making improvements if there are shortcomings and users can already run the PoW and PoS consensus to be able to get additional tokens from risking their tokens.

Veil Labs

Veil Labs is an entity established and under the Veil project with different budgets, vision and teams. They are tasked with conducting research, development, and ensuring that the Veil project remains on track to prioritize and realize privacy on crypto. Veil Labs is what always strives for this by always testing and examining every theory that emerges, will they support privacy in crypto or not. By working with several cryptographers and professional developers who are recruited and collaborating with some of the world's leading academic institutions, Veil Labs can realize and help the Veil project stay on track and at the forefront of crypto privacy.

I will not discuss further about their product or platform. even if it will be discussed we will discuss it in my next article about this project. The few conclusions from the beginning of the discussion up to now are the sincere intentions that arose from James Burden starting to appear with evidence that this project did not hold an ICO and at its own expense was able to realize very good power with smooth process results. In terms of economics, their tokens have a fairly high price value even though with a high total inventory in my opinion. So for those of you who are interested in mining crypto it never hurts to try this one token. For more information, you can visit the link below. May be useful.


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